Are you Juggling and Struggling in Lock-down?

What strange times we’re living in, it’s like the whole world has changed in a matter of weeks!

These last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that most of my clients have fallen into one of two camps. Either the working from home/home schooling and too much to do, which sits them in a camp of overwhelm. Or they are experiencing

boredom and feeling low. Expressing the following: “my life has stopped, everything is on hold” “I have nothing to do”, “I have nowhere to go”.

Today I am going to address the overwhelm and anxious aspects of what my clients are experiencing. The juggling and struggling. Then in my next post I will explore the feelings of boredom and low mood. The feeling down in lock-down.

In our ‘normal’ everyday life (I hate the word normal, I usually don’t ever use it, but at the moment, everything feels so abnormal, I am allowing myself to say normal) anyway, in our no