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4 Powerful Steps to Help Gain Your Energy Back

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I have been low in energy and feeling tearful for the last week. I know why, the first anniversary of my dad’s passing was yesterday.

Sometimes it can feel as though we are in a constant low mood and exhaustion, with no cause.

But with a little practice we can become more aware of fluctuations and recognize changes in our moods. We can also learn ways to manage those times.

I was introduced to Mindfulness in 2006 and I have been regularly meditating for 10 years.

It has helped me to know and understand myself, my emotions, my body, and my thoughts.

This means I can often recognise what I need emotionally, physically, or socially which is very helpful in managing life in general but more so when big events occur.

It also helped that I was able to understand the difference between Anxiety and Worry.

Over the years I’ve developed a pneumonic to help when my energy is low, or I know I have something approaching that is going to deplete me quicker than usual.

There are four steps to R.E.S.T.; REFLECT, ENERGISE, STILLNESS, and TUNE IN.


I ask myself what I need right now. Not what I want to do, or what I should do. Or what other people want me to do. I might just close my eyes and ask WHAT DO I NEED? Sometimes the answer can be quite clear.

It might be that I need to get help with something, take a break, get some air etc. But sometimes I can’t be sure, so I use my FAVOURITE technique which is journaling.

I write about how I feel, physically and emotionally. It helps me to clarify my thoughts and what to do next.


There are many ways in which making your lifestyle healthier can help.

Dehydration causes fatigue. So, drinking more water.

Fresh air and nature can help bring peace of mind. So, going for a walk can help.

You could try to oxygenate yourself by doing stretches or dancing, or any type of exercise.

It is also helpful to limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. And eating low GI foods (Protein, Fats) can positively affect energy levels.


It might sound obvious but if you feel tired you should try to get some sleep. Either a nap or going to bed earlier.

If this isn’t possible, sit for a while, rest whenever you can. If you can’t at that time, plan e.g., ask someone to have your children, leave the unnecessary jobs.

Look after yourself.



We face hundreds of decisions a week. When we are stressed, low, or tired we may find it difficult to think logically and weigh up options.

Making decisions zap our energy even more.

I found it easier to start trusting my intuition, rather than my mind, to make decisions when I’m lethargic or emotional.

Tune into where in your body your ‘YES’ is and where your ‘NO’ is.

My NO is in my shoulders and head. They get tense and I get a headache.

My stomach says YES but I’m anxious.

And my chest tells me when it’s a green for go.

Try tuning into your body to see what happens when you think about different options.

See if it matches your rational choices. Be curious.

Start with low-cost decisions, like what to have for lunch, rather than anything major.

Let me know how you get on.

If you notice that your energies are always depleting, you also might want to consider if you are coping or not with your current situation. Here is a simple guide to recognize if you are still coping or need further help.

If you would like any support with any of the suggestions here, I give lots of support, tips, and advice in the Good Enough Mum Facebook Page (GEM).

You can join here.

With Hope and Healing

Tina x



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