Are You Getting Down in Lockdown?

The other day I spoke about the two types of clients that I seem to be speaking to most frequently in clinic at the moment. This has been mainly since the lockdown. One set of people seem to be very overwhelmed, struggling to work from home, finding it difficult to home school their children, experiencing lots of people in the house all day, not getting any personal space and all trying to renegotiate roles.

This group of people seem to have so much to do, are feeling the pressure and are experiencing stress and overwhelm. The blog I wrote the other day addressed these challenges and offered techniques that may be useful for this difficult time.

Today I want to talk about the other type of client group that I am working with virtually. This group of people are self-isolating, are vulnerable older people, some with physical health conditions that are having to struggle with using technology in order to get some form of social interaction. Some of the clients that I have spoken to recently have been bought mobile phones from their families to keep in touch. Some never having owned a phone before are really struggling with the aspects of working out all the technology. People are facing new challenges with what self-isolating brings. Other clients I have been speaking with have lost their jobs, or have been furloughed, are desperately worried about their financial situation, how to pay the bills and mortgage etc. These difficulties add to the other stresses they feel, not having any social contact, are starting to feel low and in a lot of cases starting to get depressed and cut off from society.

It’s not surprising when we think about confinement. Solitary confinement is used as a form of punishment. It’s what we do to people in prisons. We take people out of society; we lock them away and then we put them into a cell all on their own as an additional punishment for doing something wrong. We know it’s not good for peoples' mental and physical health. As a society we are doing that to people, but it is a necessary thing to do, to help everybody to stay safe.