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Life-Changing Relief from IBS Symptoms

If you feel like you can’t do anything without considering your IBS symptoms first, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.


You don’t have to compromise on your dreams because of a flare-up. 


You can take that new job, travel, and have adventures without always knowing where the nearest loos are.


If it feels like you’ve tried everything and still your IBS is dictating your life, you’ve landed on the right page. 

I can show you how to calm an
IBS flare-up, medication free

No new restrictive diets. No extra supplements. And no medication. 


I provide online, private psychotherapy to help professionals live IBS-free to achieve their goals, live a fulfilling life, and have fun. 


IBS symptoms are difficult to manage because they vary and are not just physical. So you can’t treat only the physical effects and expect it to fully go away. 


That bloated stomach and feeling sick are certainly physical effects, and so is the resulting poo problem. But the nervous stomach feeling? The perpetual anxiety and worry? That is emotional, or mental pain.

Your bowel and your brain are
talking about you


We are emotional, physical, cognitive, and social beings. All elements of ourselves affect each other. Several scientific studies indicate how the gut and brain are connected.


Described as the Gut-Brain Axis, this field of research explains how our brain communicates with gut bacteria (microbiota) via internal systems like our immune system, our metabolism, and our nervous system. 


Any ongoing stress and anxiety affecting any of these systems can also impact the gut-brain axis at any stage of our lives. The signals between the gut and brain not only reciprocate, but they also exacerbate each other. Meaning that you may experience IBS symptoms as a result of stress and anxiety but your IBS symptoms are also the cause of even more stress and anxiety. 


It’s a vicious, painful cycle.

Imagine how it would feel to be pain-free, worry-free, and free to be yourself.


You could go to that party, eat a curry whenever you like, travel with confidence, and take that promotion with all its extra responsibility. 


I specialise in psychotherapy for IBS relief because I believe we should all be able to achieve our ambitions without the worry, stress, and pain of an upset stomach. I know it is possible to heal completely by managing both our gut and brain health. 


And I want to help you ease your IBS symptoms and manage your IBS at work once and for all. 

















Everyone’s experience is personal and I know how difficult it can be to cope with the pain and unpredictability of IBS symptoms. Talking about bodily functions can feel a bit daunting when it's a topic nobody talks about. 


With my online psychotherapy, you’ll find a safe space to talk openly about your vulnerabilities and struggles relating to IBS. 


Don’t worry, I’ve been talking crap and freeing professionals like you from the grips of IBS for a long time. 😀Feel free to read some testimonials from my previous clients*. I provide a private, welcoming space for you to talk about your symptoms without fear of judgement or embarrassment. 

Psychotherapy for professionals with IBS

Here’s what to expect when working with me

  • Complimentary consultation to assess your situation and needs

  • Weekly (initially) private one-to-one therapy sessions with an accredited psychotherapist

  • A safe space to relax and talk about symptoms

  • An individual, supported journey to recovery, tailored to your symptoms, situation, lifestyle and goals

  • A holistic approach so you’ll feel physically, emotionally, and socially free from IBS

  • Learn scientifically-proven practical skills to help you worry less, manage stress and reduce the anxiety that leads to IBS symptoms

  • A step-by-step support system that’s easy to follow outside of therapy

  • Absolutely no diet plans, no medicines, no lotions or potions. Just new habits and improved quality of life

Trust your gut. Get in touch.

Still not sure about Psychotherapy for IBS?


Psychotherapy offers several ways to manage IBS flare-ups. 


For example, we’ll assess your stress triggers and what currently causes your IBS pain symptoms to flare up. Maybe it’s certain foods. Maybe it’s certain activities. Let’s explore them together.


We can also look at how you might manage those triggers and reduce stress with techniques like relaxation, mindfulness, or cognitive behavioural therapy. This should help calm your symptoms.


And let’s look at your support system. Your own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, past and present trauma, communication, and relationships with key people in your life. All of these things can have an effect on your gut and brain health.

Addressing the psychological factors that contribute to stress and other emotional triggers will help identify the root causes of your symptoms. And once you’ve learned the skills, you can continue on the path to managing IBS naturally. 


Let’s find that path for you so you can finally live IBS-free.

Frequently asked questions

How often will we meet?

Initially, we’ll meet every week, then move to fortnightly as you get to grips with the strategies and coping techniques I share with you. As your new habits are forming, we’ll move to monthly sessions until you no longer need them. We’ll also have a 6-month review after your therapy is complete.


What happens in the initial assessment?

I’ll ask you some questions and get to know you, your symptoms, and the effects they’re having on your life right now. I’ll ask you about what solutions (if any) you’ve tried already and whether they worked for you, or didn’t. And I’ll ask you about how you want life to be after therapy. Once we’ve had this initial chat, I can personalise the therapy sessions and support I offer you, plus I can recommend further resources that might help you too. 


Can I continue taking my medication?

Yes, if you’ve been prescribed medication by your GP or psychiatrist, you should speak to them before making any changes. 

Why should I work with you?

I’m a professionally accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapist (BABCP*) and I specialise in therapies relating to IBS relief. I’ve been supporting people with stress-related illness and IBS for a long time and am driven by a personal ambition to empower professionals to reconsider IBS, address symptoms and stresses to finally live pain-free.

*You should always check that your psychotherapist is professionally accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP).

Interested in learning more about IBS, stress-related illness, and how to manage an IBS flare-up?

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Please note: Evolve Psychotherapy is unable to provide urgent or ‘crisis’ support.
If you need urgent help, please contact your GP for advice. If you don’t feel able to keep yourself safe right now, please seek immediate help by calling 999, or by attending your local A&E department.

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