How Can we Use our Emotions to Strengthen our Immunity?

We’ve all been made aware from the government guidelines what to do to help protect our physical health and that of others’. There is something else we can do. We know from a study in Australia that our immune systems start to fight Covid-19 within days, but, we could help it in its fight.

It has been known for years that certain emotions can lower immunity New Scientist. So in the current pandemic, it’s important to think about how we can reduce the likelihood of experiencing these emotions. Any form of stress will tax the immune system. This can include intense or long-lasting sadness, anger, or anxiety. Now we can’t stop feeling these, and we don’t want to try to distract from them, so the best way to experience them is to acknowledge them, allow them, feel them in the body, and then let them go.

Sometimes this can be during a meditation practice or through a journaling session. Other times it might be a conversation with a trusted friend and then a walk or yoga practice. We can also help to boost and protect our