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11 Positives of Lockdown

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

We're all too aware of the negatives of lockdown, the reasons for lockdown and how life is difficult for a lot of people right now, but there are many positives as well.

I've put together just a short list of some. These have been collected from clients over the last few weeks.

1. It's made me slow down. Made me be more patient.

2. I'm spending less money. I'm not going into shops and spending at the tills without thinking.

3. I'm not wasting so much food. I'm only buying what I actually need and I'm planning what food I'm going to eat.

4. I've got more choice over my routine and what I do in my day and how I plan my work.

5. I don't have to commute every day. I'm not having to get in the car and sit in traffic for hours.

6. There's so much more time to spend with family.

7. There's no fighting over the photocopier or other things at work. You know you can just go use the stuff that you need or if you haven't got it, you don't have to worry about it.

8. People who wouldn't normally cooperate are all working together on a common goal. Like the scientists all around the world, they're all pulling together on a common cause to find a vaccine for this horrible virus.

9. I’ve noticed that people are more friendly nowadays. You go to walk along the road for your exercise and other people are nodding and smiling at you or you get to know the neighbours as you all out on the weekly clap at eight o'clock on a Thursday,

10. There's definitely less pollution. The air seems fresher. The sky seems brighter. There's less noise pollution as well. There's not so much hustle and bustle, you can actually hear the birds singing.

11. There's a lot more appreciation for the key workers. There never used to be any recognition for care workers or even lorry drivers. Nobody used to spend any time thinking about them, there's a lot more consideration of people that actually supply our food to the shops and things like that.

So there are quite a few different ways that people have seen positives in our situation right now. Can you think of any more?

How are you feeling right now? If you feel like you need to increase your positivity during this period here are 4 Powerful steps to help gain your energy back.

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Take care. Stay safe.

Tina x


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