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Remember to Stop

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Question... Have you ever thought about the power in a tiny drop of water? Through perseverance, a tiny drop of water can create a channel in a rock.

When drops of water join together, they can create a stream.

When they pick up momentum, they can become a powerful waterfall. Sometimes in life, we can feel like we're being carried along by that stream, taken over the edge of that waterfall. It can be a really scary place and feel like we have to tread water just to stay alive. It gets to that point where we just don't know which way's up sometimes. Therapy can come in useful here. We can learn techniques and ways of coping, we can learn how to get to the edge of the stream. If you want to learn how to navigate mental health services check my article where I provide 5 Tips. Then by learning how to swim, learning new ways, learning about ourselves and how we cope in these situations and what we can do differently. When we get to the shore we can then see the waterfall from a different angle. From a new perspective, we can appreciate the beauty and the power of the waterfall. I had the opportunity a long time ago, on an outward bound course to go behind an actual waterfall. That was a different perspective altogether.We completed our task of being able to cross the river without getting wet.

We had one rope between a team of eight of us, I can't actually remember how we did it, however as our reward we got the opportunity to go behind this waterfall and actually looking at down the stream from behind the waterfall was a life-changing moment...

Actually just to see how different the world looks from that angle, the angle of behind the waterfall was surereal. I fell in love with waterfalls at that point, with the powerful water coming down, but you could actually see the individual drops as well. And through those individual drops, there was this rainbow of colour and it just reminded me that life is so beautiful and so dangerous. You have to actually stop once in a while and just admire the beauty because otherwise, just like all those drops of water, life could just pass you by and you're not going to recognize what's around you.

You're going to miss the beauty.

You're just going to see the difficulty that you can get into in that powerful water.

Remember to stop. Have you considered doing meditation? Learn more on how you can start a regular meditation practice.



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