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April Showers!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The weather has been so changeable lately. The Beast from the East brought us snow and ice just a few weeks ago. Last Sunday was 24 degrees and sunny, tomorrow it’s forecast to be 7 degrees and rain all day. Despite these drastic changes however, we as people don’t fundamentally change who we are. Our behaviours do change though. When it cold and wet, we wrap up warm, stay inside more, possibly sleep more, or eat more comfort food (well that’s what I do anyway!). When it’s warm and sunny most people do tend to go out without a coat, they may smile more and eat healthier.

When we feel down or anxious, we tend to act like it’s winter even when the sun is out.

Our moods are as changeable as the weather. If someone was to do something we didn’t like, we can all go from feeling relatively happy, to experiencing anger in an instant. If we were flicking through Facebook or Instagram and came across a picture of puppies, we could be suddenly filled with joy.

Moods are usually momentary, but if we are struggling emotionally, then these negative moods can then stick around longer. They can make it feel like a cold Winter’s day, even in the middle of Summer. Therefore, learning to recognise our moods and how they then affect our behaviours, and more importantly what we can do to change them, or relate to them differently, can help us all to become more resilient.

One way to learn more about our emotions and automatic reactions is through Mindfulness. Here’s a Mindfulness meditation called The Mountain Meditation for you to try, if you would like to.

If you would like support to learn techniques and tools to overcome difficulties with low mood or anxiety contact or call 07785 951846 for a free 30-minute consultation.



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