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Acute Pain - It's not all Poo!

I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist recently. It was a routine check-up. To report on my Crohn's disease symptoms. He told me that if I had an all clear on my next colonoscopy. Then I would be able to reduce appointments to five yearly.

This was brilliant news. It means that the combination of the medications, my mindset and my lifestyle changes have positively influenced my physical health. It was confirmation. If I needed any that what I was doing, what I am doing? And what I teach others really does work. The combination of meditating, journaling, recognising my emotions and allowing them. Is the key to feeling better in mind and body. It's really a great way to help. Bring more balance and happiness. To both mind body.

IBS. Oh yeah, that.

Gastroenterologist also asked me about my IBS symptoms, and I had to pause before answering. Oh yeah, that I said. I've not had to bother about thinking about IBS for a while. I've been able to eat anything I fancy, including brown seeded bread and raw vegetables, even onions. Their things are avoided for years. My giant chest. My digestive system feels so much healthier these days. I still have a little way to go. I can't sit here all virtuous and stay. I have the perfect nutritional diet. Coffee. Pizza chocolate all taste far too good for that. But it's like my system can handle those things better now. Because it feels so much more balanced.

The C word…

The only downside to the encounter with my lovely gastroenterologist who I've known for 20 odd years now. Was that he mentioned the C word… Colonoscopy.

Now anyone who's ever had a diagnosis of IBD, IBS, or any other digestive disorder, will probably be familiar with one or all the gastroenterology scopes. Endoscopy (down the throat). Colonoscopy (exploration of the other end). Sigmoidoscopy (a peek at the other end). We are told that they shouldn't cause pain. That they might be unpleasant and cause a little discomfort. I guess mostly that's true. The only time I really had a problem was the first time.

They sent me the preparation; the bowel preparation powders. Essentially an enema. I followed the instructions and had drunk the first glass when I felt like grabbing my insides and just twisting and squeezing them round and round. So much so, I took to the floor on all fours and was doing the breathing you see on TV dramas when someone is giving birth. Sweat was pouring from my brow.

In between pants for breath, I called the hospital. They told me it would pass. I couldn't do anything about it now as I had already drunk some, so I might as well just carry on and continue and attend for the appointment as arranged. I did and all turned out OK. However, that's a 24-hour period of my life I definitely don't want to repeat.

Acute vs Chronic Pain

Anyway, eventually that pain did pass. It was acute pain. In the moment caused by a substance that the brain had recognised as potentially harmful to me, and therefore it sent a powerful message to warn me. I now know not to drink that prep when in a flareup. So, it's very effective this warning system of ours.

The only thing that happened afterwards though was that I was left with this strange side effect. From that day on, whenever I drunk lemon barley, I used to feel nauseous and get stomach ache.

I now know why. My mind had connected the taste and the look of that drink to the bowel preparation, and it was trying to warn me again! Aren’t our body and mind wonderful?

The sad thing is that all system can go wrong sometimes. And sometimes we don’t understand the signals it sends us. So next week I'm going to be talking more about chronic pain. The type of pain that lasts longer than three months. There are lots of different types and I'll explain what they are. Because when we understand there is a whole world of healing and recovery that opens to us.

Until then, take care.

Tina x



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