Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)



Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) utilises VR technology to deliver therapy. If someone has a phobia of heights or speaking in public for example, they tend to avoid these. With help from a therapist, VRT can be used to gradually expose a person to their feared stimuli. Over the course of a few sessions they can become less anxious and more prepared to try facing the fear in the real world. VR-exposure, as compared to in-vivo exposure has the advantage of providing the person a vivid experience, without the associated risks or costs.

VRT is also used to help people combat depression:

Recently another huge study into VRT effectiveness in mental health treatment has been funded:

Both chronic and acute pain have also been helped by VRT and studies likewise show good results for its use in meditation/Mindfulness.

If you think that VRT could be useful for you, why don't you book in for a free 30 minute telephone consultation and discuss your needs?


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Virtual Reality Therapy
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