The PETAL Plan

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The PETAL Plan

If you are ready to learn how to start living with less pain and stress, so you can create more business success, then you're in the right place.


The PETAL Plan was devised especially to support people in their recovery from Chronic Pain and Stress Illness. It has been instrumental in helping lots of people so far.





This approach includes five key steps:

➺ Physical

We will kick off with an introduction to how the body responds to physical pain. In order to get the results you want, it’s important you understand what’s actually going on in your brain and body.


➺ Emotional

Next up, we will look into how the physical body represents our emotional state. Having Stress Illness can affect your emotional state in more ways than one. If you want to reduce your stress and resolve your pain, you need to deal with your symptoms at a psychological level too. 

➺ Thoughts

For those of you suffering from anxiety, we look back at your childhood and pinpoint the root cause of this. This will open your eyes to the lengths you are going to, I will teach you how to do things differently.  


➺ Actions

You will be provided with plenty of action steps to get you to your end goal. You will learn my key techniques and learn to individualize them as they can be adapted to everyone.


➺ Love and loss

There’s a lot of loss involved in having a Stress Illness. After practicing the techniques, you will decide whether you love yourself enough yet to grieve the past and create the business success you deserve.